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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Growing up
My dad is obsessed (for lack of a better word) with newspapers. He buys, not just one, but all the three major newspapers in Uganda; New Vision, Daily Monitor and Red Pepper, on a daily basis for as long as I can remember. At our home we have a store in the house dedicated to keeping old newspapers and it’s almost sacrilegious to destroy old newspapers. As such I’ve grown up reading newspapers.

First time
The first time I appeared in a newspaper (I think) was late February or early March of 2010, in that media frenzy upon release of the results of the National Exams. Because my O’level result was excellent, at least according to New Vision, they came knocking at our home requesting to interview me. Did I turn down the interview? No, I didn’t; I accepted it with palpable excitement because of my dad’s insistence (The pride a father feels on reading about his son...) unfortunately he was cropped out of the picture when the article was published. The family was still excited though.

The thought 
With all that exposure earlier in my life, it was just a matter of time before I started writing in newspapers. The idea first came to my mind after publishing a couple of stories in this blog. I felt some of the stories ought to be published in a newspaper. I sent my first story in February this year. Boom! The story was published (I shared the news with my dad first)...and more have been published since then.

Behind the scenes
The interesting thing about all the stories published so far is how I get to know that they have been published. It’s only the people that picked interest in a story that bring to my cognizance almost a week later that it has been published. Take for instance; Daily Monitor published one of my articles on September 25th 2015, but it was only a week later when a reader sent me an email that I got to know it had been published.    
When you send a story to a newspaper, you don’t get any reply to whether your story has been accepted or not. There is a funny reply I get though (See screen shot below). You have no idea when your story shall be published.

I think newspapers editors are very busy people but I wish they can first find a way of acknowledging receipt of articles and secondly notify readers when it  is going to be/ when it has been  published. An auto reply to emails can do.

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