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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Banner of the camp at Wakiso Health Center IV main gate.

The difference that we empowered the community with the skills and knowledge on how to use medicine well. That they will recover quickly from an illness because they would have used their medicine well. That they will know when to self-medicate and when not to. That they will avoid use of herbal and conventional medicines concomitantly .That they will be champions in their communities for in the fight against Anti-biotic resistance.

Mr. Kibowa Dick, General Duties Secretary at MUPSA taking about proper medicine use. Mr. Kibowa's command of Luganda is very impressive.

The difference that people tested for HIV and got to know their status. That the people who tested positive will start on anti-retroviral therapy earlier and hence prolong their lives. That the people who tested negative will remain negative because they got the knowledge on how to remain negative.
HIV testing session.

The difference that units of blood donated will one day save a life.

The difference that the women got free breast examination for breast cancer. That they got the skills of how to do self-breast examination. That they will seek medical help immediately they got to see signs of breast cancer.

The difference that we sensitized the community on cardio-vascular diseases (CVDs) like hypertension and diabetes and that they got their risks assed for CVDs. That a member of the community will not acquire diabetes because she knows the ways of preventing it.
A lady having her weight measured.
Mr. Anyase Ronald Amaza, Organizing Secretary at MUPSA counseling a member of the community on CVDs

The difference that our friends from Dental school educated the community on oral health hygiene.
A child having her teeth checked.

The difference that people that were screened for sickle cell disease, and that the screening that is usually shs.60, 000 was done for free.

On behalf of MUPSA, I would like to especially thank the following organizations and groups of persons who were very instrumental in making us create ‘the difference’.
  1. Leaders of Wakiso District.
  2. Management of Wakiso Health Center IV
  3. Abacus Pharma Ltd
  4. Rene Industries Ltd
  5. Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda(PSU)
  6. Eco Pharm Ltd
  7. Aga Khan University Hospital
  8. Kiyita Family Alliance for Development(KIFAD)
  9. Uganda Blood and Transfusion Service(UBTS)
  10.  Sickel Cell Association of Uganda(SCAU)
  11. Uganda Public Health Laboratory
  12. MEPI-CVD
  13. Volunteers from MUPSA, Schools of Medicine and Dentistry
Most importantly the community around Wakiso Health Center IV and beyond who heeded to our call and came in hundreds. We hope we made a difference in your health.
Members of the community waiting eagerly to be served.

Group photo of the volunteers together with MUPSA executives.

Time for selfie.
To the executive of MUPSA; you made sacrifices, showed dedication and above all demonstrated team work. I am proud of the difference we created.

PS. More photos from the camp can be found here

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