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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Uganda has recently see a surge in online shops.The list includes Kaymu, Jumia, Olx, etc. Others like Hello food are like online restaurants.

I always seek out to try new things. I believe in embracing technology to make life better. I set out to experience online shopping. I started by checking the website of the different shops.

The website is well organized. It is user friendly. You can easily find what you’re looking for. However browsing through the prices raised my eyebrows. I saw a shirt that cost over shs.200, 000.I laughed because I found it really funny. I am not expert in fashion, but honestly a shirt at that price? Even if I were Bill Gates I doubt if I would spend that much on a shirt. I generally found the prices on Jumia higher compared to others.

The website is a bit dull. Items are few. Their advert creates the impression that they only sell used stuffs. I am not really a fun of used things. I cannot spend on such items. Maybe if someone gives me for free, then I can accept.

The website is equally organized as that of Jumia.I think it has the most number of items. I found the prices a bit realistic, cheaper than the conventional shops.

A screen shot of Kaymu's website

It impressed me. So I decided to place an order. I was cautions as I opted for ‘pay on delivery’. In case of any unexpected occurrence, at least I wouldn’t have lost my money. Some part of me was not really sure whether to trust these guys or not.
I placed my order on Friday. According to the seller, delivery was meant to be between 2 to 3 days. 3 days elapsed and there was still no contact from the seller. Luckily on Tuesday, I got a call from someone at Kaymu. My order is going to be delivered in the next 2 to 3 working days, almost a week after placing the order. Because I was travelling upcountry over the weekend, I decided to go and pick the item from the seller’s shop. I needed direction to the shop, so I called the seller’s number. The number is off; I later learnt that he has travelled abroad. Thanks to Google map. I located the shop with ease.

My expectation was that I would find my item already packed. I would just pay and picked it up. When I got there, the total opposite happened. The lady and the guy I found in the shop didn’t even know about Kaymu. I had to do a lot of explaining. I even had to pull my phone to show them the online order. Worst still, my order is out of stock. But they decide to get if from the neighboring shop. As if the nightmare I have already got was not enough, the lady tells me I have to pay shs.25, 000 for an item that is listed online as shs.20, 000. Though I eventually paid shs.20, 000 (the other guy in the shop persuaded her), I hated the whole experience in the shop.

I believe online shopping is a good idea. The industry players need to improve on their efficiency and build trust with the public.

Have any of you guys done online shopping? I would love to hear from you. Please share with me your experience. You can leave a comment below or tweet me @OdoKent

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