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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I’m here wondering whether I should write my 4040 story or not. Thing is I've only been to one 4040 activity. But wait, this tweet already asked for this story even before my first 4040 outing.
This story is dedicated to this tweep.

On twitter I describe myself as social media elite. A day wouldn't pass by without seeing a tweet about 4040 on my timeline. I've also read a lot of blog stories about 4040. I knew it was just a matter of time before I fall prey to the 4040 movement.

A one Brenda Banura on twitter first tried to ‘vibe’ me in October last year to take part in one of the 4040 fundraising activities, basketball tournament #Hoops4Grace. Unfortunately I felt sick when the tournament was just around the corner, and just like that I missed.

In January this year, I chanced upon a poster, on Facebook, calling for volunteers to take part in a medical camp being organized by 4040.I’ve got lots of interest in health related matters and I knew this would be my opportunity to finally become a 4040. I immediately sent a tweet to the guys at 4040 and offered to mobilize my friends to participate in the camp. I was given a contact person from 4040, Damalie Wasukira.

I posted the poster of the camp on my facebook wall, various facebook groups and on my class whatsapp group. I also sent tweets to a couple of friends about the camp.

The response from my social media circle was a bit disappointing. I have very many friends who are medics so I expected many of them to support the cause. Out of over 1000 people in all my social media platforms combined only 14 people showed interest. Some would later disappoint me just a day to the camp. Out of the 14, 8 showed up for the camp.

Despite the fact that we had never met before physically, Damalie was very helpful. We exchanged a lot of messages on twitter, email and whatsapp and phone calls.

The camp
I was especially worried that my friends won’t keep time, but to my satisfaction all of them were on time at Nakumatt Oasis Mall where we were supposed to converge and be transported to the venue. Luckily Damalie was already there, and quite easily identifiable by her 4040 branded top so I didn't have to make a call and describe what I was wearing (things you do when you’re meeting a person for the first time).

Well, I’m quite glad to point out that all my expectations of the camp were met; new friends, fun, meeting Esther Kalenzi (the founder of 4040)
The biggest surprise though was when the former Prime Minister Hon. Amama Mbabazi made a last minute appearance (at least to me, some people were expecting him) at the end of the camp. I later learnt he was invited by a tweet.

As the saying goes, photos speak louder than words. Let the photos of the camp talk.

So proud of these friends.L-R: Mugabe,Richard.Lydia,Sharon,Me,Duncan,Justus and Prosper

With Esther.

Patient patients.All eyes on the pharmacist.
New friends.R-L:Pesh,Lionel,Damalie and me
The smiles tell it all.
After the camp
Due to the current political climate, the former PM is a hot story item for media houses. As expected all of them got excited about his presence at the camp. It’s the story from Red Pepper that was rather annoying. They concocted the story from social media updates. Guess what, they totally got the story wrong.

I think in 5 years time being 4040 will become one of the ‘coolest’ thing. Phrases such as this will be the order of the day, “You’re on social media and you’re not yet a 4040?”

Are you reading this and you’re wondering what 4040 is all about and you’re interested in being part of it? Read more here