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Monday, 1 December 2014


The social media summit that took place last week in Kampala made me reflect upon social media and how it has affected my life owing to the fact that the brains behind the summit requested me to write a blog story for the summit(I HAVE JUST FALLEN IN LOVE WITH BLOGGING), even though somewhere somehow my story wasn't included for voting. Still, I hold no grudge against the organizers. And besides the summit targeted marketers, public relation gurus and brand managers (correct me if I’m wrong) thus seemingly excluding the sheer majority of us who use social media for mostly non-business related activities, and would have felt “out of place” attending the summit.

I boast a considerable presence on several social media platforms including Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. I believe each of them features certain uniqueness about it with none holding any definite advantage over the others.
I am like a vine tree on social media
My appreciable presence on social media has most of my facebook friends thinking that I am online 24/7 and joking that I have ‘shares’ in Facebook. Well, I really don’t have an explanation for them. If it’s any consolation I don’t always have a full time connection to the internet. Sometimes I don’t even have data on my phone and I am cool with it. But let’s face it; honestly would you really expect someone to be active at 3.00am in the morning?

There is this category of friends who neither comment on nor like you status updates or photos but they’ll give you a shocker when you happen to meet them, like they had been spying on you because they possess knowledge of and will talk about almost everything you have posted on line even stuff that you believe should be left online. ­­

I do recognize that there are some people who have just refused to embrace social media, or who do have accounts but they are just ‘poor’ at it for various reasons ranging from attitudes of social media being an evil thing, illuminati etc (that is a topic for another day).Well, they are the people I try to make phone calls to once in a while.  Social media has greatly reduced or even eliminated social interactions. I always make effort to meet people off social media.

Some people have got sacked from their jobs, jailed or even killed because of social media. I think it is important to be cautious with what we post online.

There are so many positives that have come out of social media. 

Gone are the days when upon finishing school, everyone would just disperse in different directions all over the globe. The next thing you would hear about them would probably be news of their passing on. Social media groups have made keeping in touch with old school mates very easy.
                Do I still watch T.V for news? Read newspapers for news? Not anymore. Instead I look for something that goes beyond the news; news analysis, documentaries etc.
                At some point I contemplated deleting all my social media accounts. Alas, I was fooling myself. I realized it has become part of me, just as the food I eat everyday to live.
                As always I am interested in hearing from you. How has social media affected your life?You can leave a comment below or tweet me @OdoKent

                By the way I finally got someone to proof read my stories. I guess the spelling and grammatical errors will now be minimal. Special shout out to Owori Julius Caesar 

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