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Monday, 13 October 2014


The team behind social media summit are serious marketing gurus. Like seriously I have only 5 blog posts. So when I received a mail asking me to write a story ‘behind’ my blog, I was suspicious at first, but then I remembered that I have registered my blog somewhere. I did a little background check on the mail and found it authentic.

It was only after my tweet got replied that I believed the mail.
I won’t lie to you that writing was my passion. I was never in those high school clubs like writers, debaters’ etc. In fact English was my worst subject especially paper one where there was composition writing. I struggled even to get 20 out of 40.

Hmmm the first time I came across blog (last year I think) was for Samuel Songa Stone (Former news reader at Radio City). It was just one those random links I follow from social media. He wrote about how the Kampala weather doesn't discriminate between the rich and poor. I found the story amazing. Being adventurers as I’m always, I immediately signed up for a word press blog.

I found customizing word press was challenging to me and my blog looked dull, I didn't like it.
Still out of adventures on the internet, I bumped onto blog spot from Google. It was a bit simple to customize.I have stuck with it since.

There was this one story I read way back in O’level (If I Were A Boy), it really interested me. I kept it ever since. Now that was my first blog post. When I shared the link on facebook, the comments I got was overwhelming. I was surprised that people actually read it.

Being in pharmacy school, books sometime tend to overshadow your social life. I literally forgot about my blog for a semester.

But this semester, I met this visiting lecturer from USA (Prof.Karen Beth Bohan).She blogs everyday (I even subscribed to her blog). I thought to myself, where does she find the time to write every day.  Her blog really inspired  me to rejuvenate mine. I realized I have so many things to write about.

There are some local bloggers I follow like Ortega Ian, Siima kanyindo, Apenyo Mildred etc. Every time I read some ones blog, it motivates me to write something.

How blogging has benefited me? I think the personal satisfaction I get one people read my work and I think I have also motivated a couple of friends to start a blog. The imagination that someone is seated somewhere reading my story gives me a smile and keeps me going.
This is not a google image.  I wrote it myself to add a personal touch to the story
Ugandans are always slow on picking up with trends (you can cross check the number that uses twitter). Seeing many Ugandan blogging, I think it is still a far fetched dream.

I believe writing should just be for fun. You don't need to have been in a literature class or known a lot of idioms and proverbs to write. To have a generation of people who put their thoughts into writing, should be something we should all advocate for.

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