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Tuesday, 2 September 2014



I woke up after 10am to a very bright sunlight, I had a lot of dirty stuffs, so immediately after bath and breakfast, I got immediately to washing. In the middle of my washing, I took a glance outside the bathroom, there was a very dark cloud gathering. I prayed silently in my heart for God to let the cloud just ‘pass away’. No sooner had I finished my prayer than there was loud sound of downpour outside. I thought to myself ‘maybe my prayer was a bit late’.  I finished my washing 30 minutes later, but the rain was yet to stop. I had planned to go to lunch at 1pm, but the rain couldn’t allow. Close to 2pm the rain finally subsidized and I took my umbrella and dashed for lunch. By this time I was yet to hang my clothes outside, but I already knew there was no chance of sunshine for the rest of the day, so I just took my stuffs outside with the hope that the wind would try to dry it up but the wind was also just stagnant (seem all aspects of the weather had planned to frustrate me). The temperatures were just below 200C, but I was meant to be for evening mass at 6pm. Creativity had to set in, had to fetch all my sweaters from wherever they were. With two sweaters I set out for mass. On coming back, despite all the efforts I had made, I was still feeling cold; I took a cup of tea and immediately went to bed.


Again today the bright sunlight through my window woke me up, I had some hope that everything would ‘dry up'. Most of my clothes were wet, so I had to look out for some old shirts and jeans to cover me for the day. Immediately on reaching school, I checked my weather app. It predicted a cloudy sunny day, no chances of rain. I was happy that the day would pass by clear of rain. Soon approaching lunch time, I moved out. I got a shocker of my life when I saw a drizzle (looks like the app ‘lied’ to me) but even after that the sun was just sketchy (most of the time covered by the cloud). So another day passes by and the clothes are still wet. So today I started saying my prayers earlier (a day before) that the next day would be complete day of sunshine without a single drop of rain.

Stacks of wet clothes which have failed to dry for two days

After these frustrating two days, I think I should invest in a drying machine. Legends have it that, there are people who can actually stop rain, hmmn looking out for their service shouldn't be a bad idea.

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