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Saturday, 9 August 2014


1.        This has been one hell of academic year.

2.       Studying for a whole without rest is too much, that’s why I won’t recommend anyone to come to Makerere medical school.

3.      At some point I thought, I would just break down.

4.      …and these lecturers who torture students and make their life hard, honestly how can you come with over 200 slides in a lecture, they should just be sacked…cc Dr.GSB.

5.      A year away from home for a student feels like dying then resurrecting, curriculum for second year really need re-structuring, or else we’ll see students running mad.

6.      Your expected just to rest for a weak then come back for the semester, really???????

7.       The exams where the examiner uses a trade name of drug, you get the feelings that he/she has been bribed to promote that particular product, ethical???

8.      You watch a video of an experiment, instead of doing hands-on, and you’re expected to write a report from the video, honestly?????

9.      And the marks  , every other day ,  the feeling that they’re just given randomly without actually marking  papers keeps going  stronger….and this really dampens someone effort .

10.    The only positive thing from this academic year is that it is finally coming to a close and that means we’re just two steps closer to finishing the degree.



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