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Wednesday, 2 October 2013


                                                 IF I WERE A BOY.                    

If I were a boy, I would practice perseverance oftener and never give a thing up because it was hard or inconvenient to do it. If we want light we must conquer darkness. There is no trait more valuable a determination to persevere when the thing is to be accomplished.                    

No limit to possibilities
If I were a boy again, I would school myself into a habit of attention oftener, I  would let nothing come between me and the subject at hand.I would remember that an expert on the ice never tries to stake in two directions at once.                       

If I were to live my life again, I would pay more attention to the cultivation of memory. I would strengthen the faculty by every possible means and on every possible occasion. It takes a little hard work at first to remember things accurately, but memory soon helps its self and gives very little trouble. It only needs early cultivation to become a power. Every body can acquire it.                       

If I were a boy again, I would know more about the history of my own country than is usual with young Americans. If the history of any country is worth earnest to study, it is surely the history of our land, and we cannot begin too early in our lives to master it fully and completely.                      

If I were a boy again, I would look on the cheerful side of everything, for almost every thing has a cheerful side. Life is very much like a mirror, if you smile upon it, it also smiles back at again on you, if you frown and look doubtful upon it, you will be sure to get a similar look in turn                      

If I were a boy again, I would demand myself more courtesy to my companions and friends. Indeed, I would rigorously exact it of myself towards strangers as well. The smallest courtesies interpreted along the rough roads of life are like the little English sparrows that now sing to us all winter long and make that season of ice and now more endurable to everybody.